jetbrains license server, a short order

hello there! first up, got your coffee? awesome.

let’s get down to business.

if you are a developer, you would have come across jetbrains products, i.e. intellij idea, webstorm, phpstorm and the whole lot.

whilst they being some of the best ides around (don’t know what an ide is? get out. i mean, google. ps, how are you a developer?), they can be quite pricey.

any work arounds? yes.

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share your coffee, share your code

hello there, again, surviving my first actual week of the internship. how’s things? well, hectic, new, and awesome. i may have jumped the gun, but oh well, who doesn’t. 😛

doing things together is fun…urm..yes. and coding included, this continues in a very well structured manner. so, what do we do to manage, share and work together in big program, a big code? well, we have git, particularly, github.

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