i like my coffee dark, strong and with nosql

hello again! well this time, the title kinda suggest what i’m going to talk about isn’t it? 😛 oh well. when we were kids, we weren’t allowed to drink that much coffee. why? it made us a bit hyper and urm.. of course the tummy issues. *ehem*

but as we grew up, it came to a point where you couldn’t live without coffee. during our exam times, we needed something strong to keep us awake and alive. and well, a strong brew always did the trick.

same went with databases, we started off from sql databases, now our needs are in a larger scale, so, hello nosql!

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linux, coffee and other stuff | part iv

oh hello there stranger. today, this measly intern was asked to do stuff, urm, like some work. well not actually. i was asked to do some comparisons.

so that’s what we’re going to do today? we’re going to fight? is that it? heh, well, we’re on the internet, what else we have to do eh?

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