getting your torrents expresso

in this internet age, the need for faster and reliable download sources has become imminent. that being said, some of our download has and will come off from torrents.

the main problem we encounter with torrents is that we’d have to wait for proper connection, and the download speeds may vary in so many occasions. how do we avoid this and still get our torrents downloaded as fast as possible from a reliable source?

here’s how.

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tap tap! who’s there?

hello there! today, we shall do something new. let’s send someone a sms! wait. i already can do that with my phone. well, let’s see how some mobile operators, some service providers send you those automated messages when you send them a message!

how? we shall use hSenid TAP platform to create a simple sms application which will respond to a message.

cool stuff ahead! 😀

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