getting your torrents expresso

in this internet age, the need for faster and reliable download sources has become imminent. that being said, some of our download has and will come off from torrents.

the main problem we encounter with torrents is that we’d have to wait for proper connection, and the download speeds may vary in so many occasions. how do we avoid this and still get our torrents downloaded as fast as possible from a reliable source?

here’s how.

The product i’m introducing to you today is “Seedr”. Seedr is an Israel based company. their product, “Seedr” is an online torrent download client, which will handle the heavy lifting when it comes to torrent downloading.

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Seedr is mainly made for one purpose, that is “Downloading torrents into the Cloud”. So what does that mean?

Seedr will let you download any torrent of your choice into their servers. They will handle the torrent downloading, handling the peers and all that technical stuff. So, afterwards, you can download that torrent as direct download or stream your torrent straight to your device.

What are the advantages you ask? Well, you don’t have to bother about the varying speeds of the torrent as you’ll be downloading the direct file from Seedr to your bandwidth’s extent. Also, since the download is a direct one, it won’t get flagged as a torrent download.

A little how to.

Step 01
Get the torrent file link/mirror link or you can upload the torrent file.

Step 02
Wait till Seedr finishes the download. (This is really fast.)

Step 03
Download your torrent directly.

So there you have it folks. So do you want to get in on this? Awesome! Follow the link below to sign up. As a little bonus, Seedr will offer you additional 500mb when you sign up with this link. 😉

>> Join Seedr! <<

Get your downloads on with Seedr!


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